Why do students benefit at Performance Learning Services?


Ms. Collens' communications abilities and interpersonal skills allow her to quickly assess students’ strengths and weaknesses. Expertise as an educator enables her to effectively tailor her teaching to optimize the learning experience for every student. Equally as important as the strategies and skills taught is the focus on building confidence and self-esteem and helping to lessen test anxiety.
What other elements are necessary for students to achieve success in attaining educational goals?

As with anything in life, results are impacted by:

  • whether the student wants to improve
  • is willing to put forth the necessary time and effort
Performance can be impacted if the student has a learning disability. If previously diagnosed, then the student will usually receive accommodations. Occasionally, a student will work hard and still have difficulty. Ms. Collens can help assess and guide families to the appropriate resources for further evaluation.

Note: In terms of standardized testing, there may be other uncontrollable factors such as the level of difficulty of the test, test conditions (e.g., temperature, noise level, etc.), and/or the health of the student.

Impressive Results
  • Standardized test score improvement
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Lessened test anxiety
  • Student and parent recommendations